Submissive Thoughts
2019-08-08 11:15:02 (UTC)


It has been too long since I have written anything but life has been very stressful and I have been internalizing and struggling to deal. I am hoping that is over. Last Friday daddy came over invigorated and feeling very Domly. It was a nice change of pace since neither of us has really been in the mood lately which makes me very sad. Daddy held control and did not allow me to veer off from my role as his submissive. I so need this! It felt amazing, wonderful and I just wanted to stay there forever. Why can't we live in that space? Oh yes. . . reality interferes :(

At one point daddy pulled me over his lap and spanked me and yes it hurt but I needed it so bad, Hell I need it right now. I need that hurt, I need to know I am owned, I need the connection, the talking to, the ecstasy of it all. Last night daddy asked if I needed the paddle and I wanted so badly to say yes, but I am bleeding this week so I was feeling nasty and not wanting to go there. Oh how I wish though he would have just paddled my ass and made me deal with the fear of possibly leaking blood as he paddled me. I am humiliated and my clit is twitching just thinking about it. Yes, I know I need less choices.