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2019-08-08 10:13:23 (UTC)

Linda and work

Second week at home after my surgery. i need to achieve 3 things professionally, do 3 courses and one of them involves sitting an exam.
I start to work from home for 1 week next week.
Linda is off on holiday with her friend and family. The relationship is slowly gathering pace. We do talk about many things. Just by being next to me she motivates me to do more, I hope to start teaching Business Analysis in a good training school and earn extra cash, she already does this. I need to sort out my finances and myself and start going to the gym again. She is making me rediscover myself. Although i worry about my expenditure due to her. She is so used to a level and can actually pay her way her self but quite clearly she looks for someone to spend on her as she seem to have missed that all her life. I like her passion for me although sometimes I think she should pay more attention to my needs than she does (normally and sexually). I hope to discuss this with her sometime. She argues a lot which is not good because I argue as well. We have spoken about it and I will only pick my battles, I wouldnt engage in pettifog with her. I tend to also talk about the tribulations of my issues with my ex a lot, I can see that she thinks it is getting too much so I need to be weary about that I speak less of that.
i am very weary when it comes to finance with her because she is obviously carrying a baggage from her previous relationships so I dont allow any situation where she may even think I am seeking financial help from her. I am just careful when i am with her with the level of my spending as I am no where close to the financial stability that is required to do that. I hope that ultimately she will be proud of me and I gladden her heart.