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2019-08-07 21:45:34 (UTC)

Still Alive :)

Made it through surgery. The Dr. actually was able to do a disc replacement in lieu of just fusion. Which means that instead of just making my bones unmovable by fusing the three bones together, the Dr. instead did do the disc replacement which means it can pivot still by a metal thingy. Similar to a cup and ball type joint. He told me if I woke up with a neck brace, I'd know I had a fusion. Without a brace meant I had the disc replacement. I woke up without one so I was so happy and relieved.

Everything went well. I spent the night and they let me go home the next afternoon. Mind you, this is two disc replacements in my neck and I get to go home the next day. I was so happy and I wasn't in any pain. Not sure if it was the meds or not but when I got home, it didn't hurt at all. Still, before going to bed tonight, I took a pain killer pill since it's the first night at home and didn't want to take any chances.

I can't see where they cut because I have a 3 day bandage on. It's waterproof so I can shower with it. I'll see the scar soon enough but they did go through the natural wrinkle in front of my neck so hopefully it won't show. However, there was tape on my chest that was holding the drain hose and when they peeled off the tape, it ripped my skin off. Nice!!! It was one long line and one short line of torn skin. Here is the link.

Anyway, surgery for now was a complete success. It was everything I wanted it to be. I feel so lucky. Now it's time to heal. Sister is cooking for a week so I know I'll be gaining weight.

Guess what? My superstar friend from the gym decided to pay me a visit and drop off some gifts. It's foreign chocolate from Germany and another country. She came all the way to my place to do so. A gym peep :) She's just too awesome. She make me feel special.

Of course, the day can't end without loony-roomie chiming in. She asked is she could have something and pointed to the kitchen. As far as food, sure. But it was wine and I said no. Told her caregiver via text and she told me that loony-roomie had a choice of buying a small bottle of tequila and a box of wine. Loony-roomie chose instead to buy a big bottle of tequila and no money for wine. She made a choice so it sucks to be her. No time for her shenanigans anyway. Got my body to worry about and not her alcohol budget.

That's all I got. Glad everything went well. The hospital was a riot. I made friends with all the nurses and surgeons. Tell you folks about it tomorrow.

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