Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-07 17:55:24 (UTC)

I’m Honestly Sexist

IPad, check
Bose soundlink, check
Playing Creedence Clearwater Revival, check
*Deep Breaths*


But then why do I think so sexually of them? I’ll stare off thinking about a girl (who may or may not even be in the classroom) and fucking her. But as soon as they open their mouth i get angry, even my sister could ask to wash her hands as I’m washing dishes and I’ll say “WeLL sUrE LeT mE dRoP EVERYTHING foR YoU siNcE YouR tHe iMpOrtAnT onE!!”
Was she rude? No. Did she push? No. Not a single bit of sass. But i hated her for talking to me.
I’m less mad at girls I meet online, infact I can be rather nice to them. Girls i meet in person i just can’t stand. Guy gets punched in the face? Hell, I’d punch whoever punching. Girl gets punched in the face? I start to conclude reasons on why she probably deserved that.
Some people are sexist in a way that they believe women don’t deserve any rights. I’m sexist in a way of seeing a women just casually eating food will piss me off.

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