Do Not Disturb

2019-08-07 10:00:50 (UTC)

We talked

On the phone at four in the morning. He told me how he wasn’t that much of a texting kind of person. I could tell because he hasn’t responded to the message that I had sent him yet after he responded. He seems nice to talk to. I say that with every guy. Idk. We talked for at least thirty minutes or more. It is now 5:03 A.M. and I should be asleep. I was kind of shocked 😯 that he called me and relieved 😌 at the same time. When he first started working at Wendy’s I thought to myself,” Wow! He’s very tall.” But I like my men tall. Not that he’s my man or anything like that. He has a lot of tattoos mostly around his arms. Has a beard. Short not long but is getting their. His hair is almost spiked up in a way. Everything is up and twisted.

Okay, well I’m going back to sleep now like I was before he called. Glad I answered though.

P. S. He even offered to drive me home one day when and if I’m working late shift. That’s very nic

Mood: Happy 😊 but tired 😴


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