A simple sex life diary
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2019-08-04 23:32:34 (UTC)

69 and a little too far

We were both clearly in the mood tonight, and knew the other was in the mood too! We were on the sofa bed again, started kissing a little as I fondled her breasts, reaching under the nightie, feeling her hard nipples. Then reaching under to feel her lips, already wet mmmm. I was really in the mood to lick her so I started to get in position as she said she wanted to suck me too... so I got undressed as well and moved in a 69 position. We both pleased each other for some time and then I just moved out and took position between her legs, wanting to focus on her pussy real good. I stretched it open with my fingers and started moving my tongue up and down, licking her clit and sucking on it. Playing with the lower part of the lips with my thumb too as I licked on and on for a while, tasting her good. I sucked her clit real good at some point and she said she wanted it harder so I started sucking on it and pulling it out more and more, making loud sucking noises, was so good. I continued like this for some time, alternating between my fingers and my tongue until she couldn't take more and (frankly I was getting tired too!) started to close her legs... I continued to lick and suck her clit some but clearly she wanted something else...

So at moment I got up, my legs a little tired, and moved closer to her, standing in front of the sofa so my cock was close to her head. She moved around and positioned herself on all 4s, right in front of me. I held my cock with one hand and moved closer, feeding it to her as she moaned and took it in her mouth, starting to suck it slowly. Asking me if I had thought about her during the day between back and forths... My hands quickly found the back of her head and guided her back and forth on my cock, moaning myself from the amazing feeling she provided. A couple minutes after, I started moving my hips and quickly she stopped moving, letting me take over and fuck her mouth some. At first I went at normal pace but after a minute or two, I slowed down and pushed myself deeper in her mouth, holding it there for a few seconds. After a few times, I must have gone too far or held too long and she coughed and quickly got up to cough up some more. I waited there, holding my cock and making sure she was ok, waiting for her to come back. A few seconds later she walked back and sat now instead on the edge of the couch. I held my cock with one hand and moved up so she could start sucking it again, letting her take her pace as my hand rested on her head, or reached down for her breast, her own hands on my legs. I let her suck me like this for some time, a minute or two maybe, then placed my hands back on her head and resumed face fucking her, taking better attention not to go too deep. Moaning hard at that point, looking out again trying to delay my orgasm as my cock moved in and out of her mouth rapidly. Her hands on the side of my legs, mine on her head, my hips kept moving back and forth until I couldn't hold it anymore and came hard in her mouth, my hips shaking as my cum flew in her mouth. Her hands started to caress my legs and ass, and then my balls and cock as my orgasm subsided, her lips still wrapped around my cock...

Another great blowjob / face fuck, can't wait for the next one.