A simple sex life diary
2019-08-02 22:24:21 (UTC)

A good face fuck

Did a lot of good stuff recently so my wife was more than opened to pleasing me tonight, I could tell she was in the mood to reward me so to speak. It all started on the sofa, she knew that I knew she was about to blow me, which is always a great feeling (one of the best is that anticipation moment). I was getting horny and hard just thinking about it, making small talk but just waiting for the moment to get it started. She opened the door at some point so I gently took her hand and placed on my pj pants so she could feel just how hard I was already, she smiled and started caressing it through the pants. Shortly after I took them off and she continued playing with it softly, both my cock and my balls. She was concerned about the lights as we were right next to the window and balcony door so I reached back and close them down so she could start... I sat back and turned a bit towards her, signaling her she could start sucking me. She bent down and took me in her mouth almost immediately, such a good feeling. She sucked me slowly for a minute or two but the position didn't really favor movement very well so I eventually got up so that both her and I would be more comfortable and just stood in front of her as she sat on the sofa.
She then user her hand a little as she sucked me off, while my hand quickly found the back of her head, guiding her down. I started helping her with the movement and she stopped moving, letting me face fuck her, her hand still on my cock. That combination of hand and mouth was really good as I could just push all the way, her hand stopping me for going too far but providing full coverage on my cock, just an awesome feeling for a moment there. But even standing, it felt a little low and having to push up and not just forward so at some point, I put a foot on the sofa to be a little higher and straighter into her mouth. Right after, I moved both of my hands on her head and restarted face fucking her some more, her hand still on my cock. I'm a big fan of no hands bjs and face fucking so a minute after, I reached for her hand and moved it off, at which point she put both her hands on my legs, my both hands being on her head as I moved in and out. I looked out to the buildings across the street as I face fucked her, trying to delay my orgasm to the best I can, enjoying the feeling of her warm mouth throughout, sooo good. This carried on for a couple minutes, holding with one hand or two alternatively until I got closer. Then I grabbed her head with both hands and started face fucking her a bit faster until the point of no return, gave a few uncontrollable jerks and emptied in her mouth as she moaned. She reached for my cock with her hand, jerking me off softly as I finished cumming.
Really, one of the best blowjobs / face fuck to day, more to come like this for sure.