Do Not Disturb

2019-08-05 18:42:14 (UTC)

Made it back home

At four in the morning. Fell asleep on the ride back. Everyone did except my dad had to stop a couple of times or three well a bunch of times until we actually made it to the destination . We went to the beach after coming back from Tennessee on that Saturday. It was all so worth requesting those four days off. And I enjoyed every bit of it. We went to this pizza place/ bar that no one was really in and we ended up eating pizza and wings.

I learned how to shoot pool. Now I see why my dad is so obsessed with playing the game on his phone.

On top of that, my period on. So my mom can stop assuming that I’m pregnant because I’m not. Glad to be back home and in my bed. I’m off today go back to work tomorrow at five. I really need to get some friends. Possibly in college. I don’t wanna be a loner forever.

Mood: Sleepy 😴

- A

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