Scream Above the Sounds
2019-08-04 19:22:45 (UTC)

By What Right Does The Wolf Judge The Lion?

This may sound like a passionate, agitated, annoyed entry but I'm surprisingly in a good mood. I have a good week to look forward to. However, the reason I write this entry today is because I'm sick of the way people treat each other. There is no excuse for it. I think it can be difficult to judge a person's motives but there is no excuse, repeat, no excuse to act shitty to people. Pointing fingers, blaming others, deflecting. It's all ridiculous.

1) If you make mistakes, own them.
2) If your behaviour is shit, take account of that, own it.
3) Just because bad things have happened to you does NOT give you the right to be a shit person.

Everybody has been dealt a bad hand. Maybe sometimes we've been unlucky; life is unpredictable, we get curve balls. Other times it's our fault, and maybe it's difficult to see that at times. When I hit rock-bottom last year: I broke up with my ex, I moved back home with my parents, I sunk into an incredible depression.... I didn't lash out. I owned it. I owned all of it, because I deserved it. We have ALL been through shit. You've been cheated on? Join the club, we've got jackets. Just because stuff like that happened to you, it doesn't make it okay to then use it as ammunition. You have to be better than this. Rise above it. If you can't ever admit your mistakes or be accountable for your behaviour, you will lose everybody.

I haven't really got much else to say. This entry stands for a number of reasons, but hopefully if anybody does read this, maybe it will help them, or they find themselves agreeing with it at least. I just think the world is becoming such a nasty and spiteful place. Manners and politeness cost absolutely nothing. Don't be bitter, be better.


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