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2019-08-03 13:21:56 (UTC)

More gym friends

There is this lady I sort of known for awhile now at the gym. She was there but I never really approached her so she did her own thing all this time. Then she disappeared which isn't unusual at the gym. People come and go and come back again. Well, she used to be a regular and at that time, I never tried opening up to people. They came to me. Then I changed and I started reaching out like I indicated in previous posts and it's been good.

So when this lady came back, I recognized her and said hi Her nickname is Dee. She is a cutie. Anyway, I was being nice to her, saying hi and welcome back. When she'd come to the same sessions, I'd be the one that would say hi to her first. But then I gave up on her thinking she don't want to be a friend.

Last Friday, our gy was closed in the afternoon so I went to our sister gym about 12 miles away. I attended the 4:30 class and when it was over, the 5:30 class was walking in. Dee was one of them. I told her she was late as a joke but that was it. The 5:30 class started and I as usual grabbed my jump rope and went to a clear spot in the gym to jump rope while the class did their thing.

About 20 min later, I was done and started to gather my stuff and leave the gym. The class was already 25 min into their session and Dee saw me in the hallway as I was walking out. In the middle of class, she screamed goodbye to me. The whole class of course looked and even the coach on his mic said to me goodbye and great workout. So embarrassing but yet, it was so nice that Dee said goodbye to me. So I thought she didn't give a crap but I was wrong. I did make an impact on being friendly and she was nice enough to even say bye in front of the whole class :)

So reaching out to everyone does work. Be nice to people and they will be nice back. I like the new me :)

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