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2019-08-03 09:14:33 (UTC)

Grrr. Missed You - UPDATED

Got here at 10:14 and it actually said 1 person at palace which I must have JUST missed you. Sighs

i was here for about an hour but it was because i hadn't had a chance to post here and let you know the situation. i had my av at the gate but palace was minimized as i was working on something.

So here's what happened in our life this week. We got a call from our RE agent up north that the "cash sale offer" fell through for whatever reason and asked if we were still interested. By the end of the day our back and forth offers were resolved and ACCEPTED! So if all goes well we will be the new owners in about 4-6 weeks! Needless to say we're excited but its been a busy week with this and that, and yesterday we were huddled around the dining room table plodding through the paperwork from our lender. Fortunately we can sign all this stuff electronically but that means you have to read it all as you go along and there were 22 pages where we had to sign. That was what i was up to yesterday.

And i also owe You the details of my "alone time" last weekend after You left. Actually there wasn't anything unique to it. Fortunately i was home alone and simply escaped to my bed. i propped up a few pillows and layed back and thought of You laying between my thighs with Your mouth and tongue working its wonders on me. i simply rubbed my clit and occasionally used a finger and in just a few minutes i had a very nice orgasm and little gush which i rubbed all over my pussy and mons. After a few moments to let myself come back down to reality i jumped into the shower.

i hope Your weekend has been nice. i will see if there's an opportunity this week to visit some evening. If not, at least my weekends going forward should now be uninterrupted until the closing is scheduled.

Love You and hope You were not too disappointed yesterday.