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2019-08-02 00:42:16 (UTC)

I like the late quiet nights

It's really late and I have to wake up in the morning. It's just that I'm starting to love the quiet nights in the house. I guess when you're upset or got too much on your mind, the quiet can be a negative thing. But when you're in a nice relaxed mood, the late nights are a blessing. It's not perfect. The AC cycles on and off. All the windows and doors are closed so it's not like you're hearing nature or anything like that.

If I were rich, I guess I'd be overlooking the valley or maybe in a city with with the lights on like NYC. Or back in Hawaii where you can smell the flowers and perhaps hear the waves crashing if you live close enough to the water. Maybe in the Country where it's super quiet with no city lights so you can see the stars at night out the ceiling window or something like that. But nope, all I got is living in the Sacramento valley hearing my AC cycle on and off :) Can't even leave the windows open like at home in Hawaii and feel the nice tradewinds blowing through the window. Miss those days :)

Still not sleepy enough so I'll keep rambling on. I think I can make the Canada vacation this October with my Sis. I should be healed enough by then. We shall see. Maui in 4/2020. Forgot when Sis wanted to go to Oregon but if I'm not doing any kind of surgery or recovery from surgery, I'm in on that too. Maybe next year, I'll get to go with my friend to her Dad's place in Alaska : )

Ok, it's close to 2AM now. I have to try to get some sleep. Later diary :)

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