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2019-08-01 22:48:21 (UTC)

Loony roomy and other misc

So, it seems every other day, I put out a small hotel type bar of soap in the shared bathroom sink. It disappears every time. Found out loony roomy isn't buying any soap and is using it for her to take her showers. No hand soap so she uses my dishwashing soap to wash her hands. SMH. Well, I think a glass of wine from her box wine she leaves out is a fair trade. She doesn't know it but that's what I'm doing.

One of my close friends texted me saying " Yipes! Less than one week!" Meaning my surgery in 5 days. I replied "Not helping". I didn't put a smiley face but I thought it was a witty and funny reply.

Work was pretty good. Bossman isn't giving me any new stuff knowing I'll be gone in two business days. He was asking for some paperwork in preparation for my leave but I told him I already went to Human Resource and all paperwork needed to be submitted has already been sent. He can't make up shit so don't ask me for things that isn't needed. Whatever. He can do what he wants. I got my ducks all lined up.

Tomorrow, my online new lady friend Jennifer is going to have her knee surgery. I texted her wishing her well and that I'll send prayers over her way. She lives a little too far away though. I live in Sacramento and she lives in Oakland. Just a little too far from each other. I have a good paying stable job so there is no way I'm moving. She is a consultant in IT so....... if there is any remote possible future (again, this is all hypothetical bullcrap thoughts) she is the one that'll have to move. haha.

That's all I got for tonight. No drama except for the dope-with-my-soap issue :) Gym was good as usual. Right leg/hip area giving me crap for the past week or so. Well, can't rest. I'll have more than enough time to do that shortly so I'm gunning for max workout before Tuesday.

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