Do Not Disturb

2019-08-02 04:46:50 (UTC)


How can he be married and within a month of being in a relationship?

Can someone be married to a person who they’ve only been dating for a month?

Idk what hurts worse the fact that he didn’t tell me or the fact that I had to find out myself by unblocking and scrolling through his page. But it doesn’t matter. Right ? We’re family in a way I guess you can say. His family knows mine mine knows his my dad got married to his sister they got divorced had a girl that is now my sister or half sister. I mean one time I actually thought I loved the guy... I mean how hilarious is that 😂😂😂.

Anyways, while he’s married I’m talking to someone who likes me but I don’t think it will go anywhere. We’ve been flirt texting back and forth everyday and he even says good morning to me when he gets the chance to and to be honest he kind of looks like one of my uncles. Just one. Not all.

I mean yea I use to like the guy but that’s just wrong. I just kind of always thought we had a thing. I know it’s weird but it’s true. I bet everyone knew except me. It kind of hurts to be honest. But why should I be. We’re not together. He’s all the way in freaking Hawaii in the freaking army and apparently so is she.

So, why am I so fed up over a guy who never wanted me, who never cared about me or anything that I have to say. I mean I would try and talk to the guy and he never once even looked at me in the eye. And he never have anything to say when he does. I kind of feel like crying now because of it. I know it’s dramatic. I know.

It seems like everyone has found their one and only...

Will I ever find the “right one” ?

Will the r” right one” ever find me ?

Is their such thing as the “ right one”?

I think not.

Mood: Shocked 😳

- A