Experienced Life
2019-08-01 06:45:48 (UTC)

Another fine day

I'm doing my thang again. Morning coffee in bed :) Drank so much water lately. Ate right (mostly) and haven't been drinking any alcohol all week. I know, I know, it's only Thursday. lol. I checked my weight and I'm down to 157 lbs. Yay!!! I've been doing some extra jump roping before and after gym class. Been killing myself at the gym.

My deltoids are still hurting from either last Monday's or Tuesday's workout. I think it was the TRX banded chops that did it. This is where you tie a big rubber band to a beam overhead on the trx (cage looking thing) grab with both hands and pull down with your elbows locked, back straight, knees bent. It supposed to work on your lats but my band with a little too thick and I may have been using my deltoids a little too much too. But it's all good. More toning of the body overall is always a good thing.

I got contacted by another lady on bagels meet coffee or is it coffee meets bagel dating site? We talked for over an hr. She looks fit, plays tennis, and is also from Hawaii. She too is having surgery very soon by coincidence. Hers is knee surgery. Anyway, we chatted about Hawaii, her job, and her hobbies. I did the same. She knows I too will be having surgery soon.

She asked if I was married. I said no, and I wouldn't be on a dating site if I was. She was a little cautious I guess. Woman need to be is what she says. I said from my point of view, be honest from the get go and that way, I never have to remember the lies. it was fun and she had to hang up after an hr 10 min.

After the call, I had to reflect on how I view dating now. Lots of you tube and self help really makes me see better now. I realize how much confidence I have and how I don't need to go head over heels for someone. Taking it slow and not putting my life interests into one basket. I'm not saying this lady (her name is Jennifer) is the one. I'm just pleasantly surprised how I view life so much better now. I have to admit.... breaking up with my ex gf although hurt so much.....was something that needed to happen. I needed to grow and be a better person and only through that breakup did I learn. It sucked but I did learn and have grown since that event. Now, I'm a new and improved person than before.

I smile because it's funny how life can be. Some things in life though painful.... is actually good for you in the long run. I am at peace with myself at the moment. And I knew something cool was going to happen too. That lady seems to like me and she wants to keep talking to me. We'll see how this chapter in life goes.