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2019-07-31 07:18:48 (UTC)

Feeling good and feeling bad

Woke up feeling good emotionally. Again, when I woke up, I was waiting for that rush of anxiety to come but it didn't.Whew.... It's so nice to wake up to just waking up. Got my keurig prepped last night so I just had to hit that brew button and voila!! Coffee baby :) Then the body check to see how my muscles feel. My wrist muscles (so freaking lack of body muscles huh?) are aching from the ABC chops we were doing. It supposed to be a core workout but the bands I was using was thicker so it was harder for me to yank around.

I also feel my delts and that back muscle near the shoulder blades hurting. I think that was from the supported row workout. And of course the always worked on hamstrings. There always seems to be a workout that involves hamstrings. Anyway, this is the kind of pain I like. Hopefully it means more body toning and being able to look at myself in the mirror and finally smile is always a nice ego boost.

I can feel my numbness on my pinky and ring finger still. Thus the neck surgery next Tuesday. I'm sure going to miss working out. I also check and I'm down to 159 lbs. Hope to be down to 157 by Friday. Didn't drink any alcohol last night. haha. I laugh because I make it like it's a big success accomplishment when I think it's just because I was too lazy to open a new bottle of wine :)

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