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2019-07-30 23:37:51 (UTC)

It's late and the house is so quiet

It's past midnight. I'm still up due to some Netflix binge watching. Drama free day today. Went to work. Got stuff done. Completed one more cloud connection for another State agency. My queue is pretty clean now so I won't be leaving crap for anyone to clean up for me while I'm gone.

I seem to be savoring the last few days at gym. Went 1/2 hr early to jump rope and stretch before our class. Our cat training was pretty easy today. Sprints, chops using the trx and bands, mountain climbers with slides on our feet, weighted jumping jacks. Then about 10 minutes of serious core our instructor pushed. After class, I decided to jump rope more because I know my days are numbered and because I was at 160 lbs this morning. So total time at the gym was from 4PM -6:30PM. Longest time spent there in a long time. It took some getting used to after class when I'd do my own thang and jump rope while class is in session but the coach is cool with it and peeps would come up to me and say hi and make small talk when they'd rotate over to where I was. Getting better jump roping with double-under. Too bad I'm going to be taking this break soon or I'd be kicking but after another month or so of practice.

Superstar friend didn't show along with Sarah too. Just some of the guys and the newer peeps that seem to follow us along like puppies :) haha. I say silly things like us being the "clique" or the "cool kids section". But most sort of stay away because most of our little group can kick ass. I of course am diplomatic and sometimes pull in the new ladies that I meet and get them to hang with us since their sort of alone.

Anyway, don't know why but I have this feeling like something cool or good is about to happen. I have no proof. I just feel it. And nope, I didn't get into my stash of adult brownies in the freezer. That's for when I go camping and hand out to my friends that are into that kind of thing. I just can't shake this great feeling off of me. It's fantastic. I'm smiling for no apparent reason and this is from a guy about to have major surgery in a week. Well, not sure if it's considered major but getting two disc replacements in your neck and having to sign a waver in case I croak I guess is pretty serious. Still feeling good though. I think this will blow by soon and the good stuff is coming around the corner. I have a feeling :)