Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-07-30 18:19:45 (UTC)

The Best Lewd Hours

I found a game called Degree of Lewdity.

And it. Is. The. Best!

I played that game for hours! It’s my entire sexual fantasy in a game
You start out in an orphanage and you have to fight off rapist as you walk your way to destinations! They have something for everyone, basic men and women, cunt boys and chicks with dicks, tentacles and even beasts! All customizable so if you don’t want something you can disable it! Being the little slut i am i make my world full of male rapist, only dicks for me! Also have tentacles and bestiality on, so eels, dog, dolphins and werewolves can fuck me... MY SLUTTINESS KNOWS NO BOUNDS. i got so addicted to it... men fucking me left and right, violating every hole... i got cum everywhere playing that game!

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