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2019-07-30 14:57:35 (UTC)


I have done my knee surgery and home now for 2 weeks and working from home on the 3rd week. The surgery went well and I am not in too much pain.
I have a lot of things to resolve:-
My finances - the people I owe and have to pay back. How I can start saving so that i can buy a new car and move to a bigger place.
Personal business - I want to start earning money by teaching business analysis
Other business - I have not given up on my entrepreneur businesses based on fintech
School fees: I have made up my mind to only pay the statutory child maintenance due from this august as this is all i can afford. My ex has told the child maintenance to investigate my income from 2014 and this means that all the school fees payment that I made from that period will not be calculated as money towards child maintenance therefore I will owe thousands. I am going to write the schools to inform them that I will only be making payment to my ex who they should now deal with in all matters relating to school fees.
I hope to spend this time at home learning Spanish, and doing all my technical courses and certifications required fro my job