Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2019-07-29 22:30:38 (UTC)

Bop! Bop!

I don't feel like writing in my offline journal, so will writing in here count, somewhat? I'm avoiding very personal pains and anxieties that I know I won't write in here. At least, for now. So much has happened in my life this year that I forgot, altogether, that I had this journal, until I was reminded in an e-mail by the website. I don't even remember when I started this diary or if I had anything written in it before. Lol. Anyways...

I just finished watching all of Eric Van Wilderman's Mario Maker 1 Super Expert No Skip videos. It took me a few months. I almost want to start over on the first video again. Mario Maker 2 needs to bring this challenge to its' gameplay. The 30-Mario Endless is fun and all, but 100 Marios with 6 levels is my favorite. What about a 100-Mario Endless Challenge? Now, that would be cool.


I met DazGames a few days ago. No joke. He was very chill and nice. It was surreal. Now, when I watch his videos, I feel more like I'm watching someone I know than with any other YouTuber.


Well, goodnight everyone and sweet dreams! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

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