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2019-07-28 21:37:37 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: July 2019

[any identifying names and locations will be changed for protection and privacy.]


Haven't moved forward on this one much. I's been a busy month. The only thing that's moved forward with this is that more research videos have arrived in my inbox, though I have yet to watch them.

I want to research visiting the permaculture compound in Montana, from which I've learned so much. Maybe I can set up a visit for late Winter/early Spring 2020. It would be cool to take a sabbatical from the day job, but I'm also tempted to spend that time on a long-distance bike trip. If I want this particular goal to move forward though, I will need to devote more time to it. At this point, it's still in "pipe dream status." That's with zero inertia, no steps forward.

The collective's video game exhibit was earlier this month, and we had a blast. I felt inspired again, and completed another One Hour Game Jam game, just to shake off some of the rust. After the exhibit was done, I also updated two of the games I had shown, which had annoying bugs (well, they annoyed me more than anyone else). I also might implement the "wilderness" stage of my roguelike dungeon crawler before our next exhibit in mid-August. We also have an exhibit lined up for October at something called the Comicon for Kids. We also learned that MAGFest is working on setting up a semi-permanent location in town, so we might be able to have a semi-regular place to exhibit our work. We'll see.

Regarding tabletop game design: finally, something. First off, the friend who regularly organizes a local designer's meeting is back in the saddle. At the first Friday-night meeting at his place in a few months, I learned that he's been going through some shit personally. I immediately invited him to hang out that Sunday, and we had a great day. It was also cool to have a meeting at his place again, and I ended up being sucked into a prototype until half past midnight...!

That weekend inspired me to do a bit of design work before the end of this month, as well as gain more motivation from an interview with Reiner Knizia, where he stated that "if you're not working on your designs each week, then you're not doing design work." I realized that I needed to do something. SO I moved forward on the remake of -Dungeon Dice-, and it's not terrible. It's in a good spot for additional eyes to have a look at it. I would also like to find a way to massage it into a multiplayer game, since at the moment it's a solo game. I am personally fond of "Chainsaw Warrior," which the game reminds me of, but having at least a worthwhile option for 2 to 4 (or more) players would be ideal. There's plenty that can be done with the dice included in the original game.

I also did some game design fun stuff with family just this past weekend. More about that below.

Raises came through, and I'll have additional income to sock away throughout this year.

I also received word from the attorney's office that there's one more insurance company that's needing to send a check, but this coming week there should be some movement on it. Looks like I'll be paid the settlement by the end of August. I've mentioned before that this is only a one-time infusion of cash and doesn't qualify as increasing my income, but as I had to purchase a car, this will be instrumental in paying it off completely and improving my credit rating. The remaining cash will be a cushion and/or way to provide some stability to take risks and maybe invest in some more tools or opportunities for future financial growth.

One of these is screenprinting. I'm composing a design for a relative (intended for shirts used for the same event I designed for last year), and after establishing contact at a local small-business print shop, I may be able to assist in having the shirts printed. It would be cool to become an assistant or something to the printer, and work my foot into the door. Screenprinting and design is something I'd like to explore in the coming months more aggressively.

I wrote back to my aunt in Ohio. She was nonplussed that I labeled myself as a "mail order minister" (and I deliberately omitted the "atheist" part of my unofficial title), but otherwise she was happy to hear from me.

I'd also spent time - just today - hanging with my two twin nephews. We sat down to make board games! One of them made an intricate maze (that none of us could finish), while the other re-made a classic, simple dice game I taught them, called "Hungry Jack."

Hanging out with the family dog is always enjoyable. He coerced me into running around with him in the yard today (in the 95-degree heat).

The monthly bike event (held this past Friday) left me elated. It was the perfect ride, particularly when the previous weekend was so sweltering hot. Everyone wanted to be out there, riding around, and I'm certain it was another 1,000 rider event.

I've remained consistent with the morning routine, and even added some dumbbell work in the past week or so. The exercise bike has been catch-as-catch-can, though I blame that on my scheduling and time management. Working nights and weekends has left me with unusual scheduling challenges I've not fully addressed or mastered. No big deal.

My 8pm deadline for eating seems to be making a substantive difference, and I'm currently down to 192-194 consistently. I'll be pleased when I start hitting below 190, then I'll take stock at that point. If I am lean, then I'll work on building muscle, and then likely see some weight gain. At this point I have no solid way to determine what's being lost and if any muscle is being gained (as opposed to toning), but if I continue to lose weight while maintaining a fitness regimen then that's a sign I've more useless body to be rid of.

At this point, I've been on mild anti-depressants for somewhere round two months. I think it has a positive impact on me. I do feel like I want talk therapy, but with my schedule being kind of all over the place it's been a hassle and energy drain to coordinate. I think I'm in denial that I'm just stalling.

Meanwhile, I'm personally working on being a more courteous, thoughtful friend and more social person in general. Deliberately attempting to be more of a physical toucher (without being a creeper) has been on my agenda, and I feel more confident in smalltalk and supportive communication in general these days. Although I'm meeting and interacting with attractive women, by deliberately not focusing on seeking out a partner, these conversations seem more lively, authentic, and easy to initiate.

There are lots of good feelings these days. I feel more "nested" where I'm currently living, and the bike crash is moving further and further behind me. I'm focusing on being an active person and a good friend, as well as reintegrating interesting activities into my life. Sharing enthusiasm for these activities with others, as well as acknowledging the successes and interests of others, seems highest on my list these days - as they are something that's been great for my mental health.