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2019-07-28 16:24:37 (UTC)

Some people are just evil

I'm home just minding my own business watching a Netflix series Elbarco. It's in Spanish and I'm reading the English subtitles to follow along. Today for the 3rd time, loony roomy asked if I understand what they are saying. I don't but I didn't answer. First time she asked, she said she did. Anyway, the 3rd time she asked again, I didn't say anything just to not make any issue about it. Since I didn't answer, she came up with her own and after asking me if I understood what they were saying, she answered herself by saying "probably not". Haha. Man!! She really has nothing positive to say. I can't even get away with just minding my own business with this evil person.

I may have to have a talk with her and let her know we are not going to be doing any social chatting anymore. Anything regarding the house as a tenant then that's fine. Anything else? I will have to respond that it's not something a landlord and renter discusses. I'm done with the bad vibes. She is probably out of tequila so she might be letting her frustrations out on me but this isn't the home for psycho. In fact, it's Sunday and her weekly allowance is probably spent and her next allowance isn't till Wednesday. So yeah, she'll be a bee-atch for a few days. Well, I'm not getting involved in her silly world of the loony. She can live in her own dark cruel lifestyle. I got other plans.

But you know what? She did upset me a little. Enough to maybe ruin a nice day. She's so bad. It's like she just opened a portal of crap and let it out all over the place. Why do people have to be so evil? It's not the little thing she said. It wasn't really much. But why does someone have to try and really be so mean? I mean it takes effort to do that. Lots of it. So why do it? I think life is better spent trying to live life on the positive side as much as possible? Why purposely try to be an asshole?

It's like she poked a hole in the bucket and all sorts of bad feelings come pouring out. She really messes me up. Now I'm feeling a little down, bad, and anxiety has crept in a bit all because of her being mean.