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2019-07-28 13:05:52 (UTC)

Coincidence or not?

Came back from church service and it's funny how the sermon for today was regarding anxiety. I'm not gonna do any bible thumping here. It just seems a coincidence that I was discussing anxiety and my effort to keep it on the down low was actually discussed at church today. Anyway, I thought it was enough for me to go hmmmmmm. Hopefully it further enhances me with the pretty good trend I'm having right now and keep on improving my positive attitude. It at least gives me more strength to push harder for that everlasting peace everyone in life is looking for . To wake up and smile loving and living life.

I'm being tested though. I'm in the family room. I'm grilling a stead outside. She is out here near me. Not sure what she is babbling but I am staying away from poison. I know I supposed to love my neighbor but I'm not strong enough to deal with her. I just want to keep the negatives in my life kept to a minimum as possible.

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