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2019-07-28 16:16:30 (UTC)


I am due to have surgery to my left knee (football injury) tomorrow. I will be off work for 2 weeks and I hope I use the time to reflect on my life.

My heart is so heavy regarding my finances and how to make extra income. I plan to start teaching business analysis to earn more money. Tha in itself is a challenge as I have self doubt. Also my relationship with Linda is going well and taking little steps at a time. I worry if I will be able to cope financially with this relationship. I also need to upgrade to a bigger flat/house and replace my car.
My kids maintenance and school fees will soon come to a head. My ex has requested an investigation into my income from 2014! this is just incredible but long and short I plan to tell the schools that I will no longer be paying any money to them directly but paying the statutory child maintenance amount o my ex. She will have to make a decision if she wants to keep the children in private education after that.
I am happy with my work and I go back in 3 weeks, I just need to be abreast on ton all the tools and techniques needed for my job and should show more confidence when I facilitate a workshop or I speak in a meeting.

Finally I have come to the conclusion that I need the presence of God in my inner space, that is the only way I can rise above all these burden that is crushing me.....yes i feel crushed.