Experienced Life
2019-07-28 07:47:04 (UTC)

I love coffee in bed

I think one of the better things I did for myself was to setup my keurig on my nightstand. It makes is so much easier to have coffee while still in bed. I love the smell of fresh coffee being made. Hearing the keurig do it's thing then and hearing the first trickles of coffee pouring into my cup. Haha. I just realized this is a boring read for most peeps here. It's not a detailed description of someone slowly touching a woman lightly cupping her breast gently pinching her nipple. haha. Nope, this is just me making coffee. Sorry peeps.

Anyway, woke up feeling pretty good. I have this thing/routing now when I wake up. I count the seconds to see if that all too familiar rush of anxiety or depression kicks in. Almost cowering inside of me anticipating it to hit me like a wave. But you know what? It didn't come. Something must be going on that even I don't realize yet and I love it. Maybe.. just maybe, my heart is catching up with my head. Or maybe I'm full or crap and the coffee is just awesome this morning.

Checked my weight and I was freaking shocked. Holy crap!! I weighed 162 lbs!!! I was at 154 lbs just last week. Hope it's just water weight. I drank a lot of water yesterday to make sure I didn't eat too much. I hope that's why. Well, what's done is done. I'd like to fool myself by saying I gained muscle this week but hell no, I didn't. I mean I may have but just a little maybe. A couple of ounces at best. haha. I wasn't sure what I'd be doing today. Church for sure. Maybe wash and wax my truck. But for sure, I now have to add jump roping for an hr. I also usually hit this place called Tokyo Buffet after church. I love the all you can eat crab legs, oysters, and sushi but I have to be good today. I'll just get chicken and broccoli as Costco and make a meal out of that to stay healthy. I'm weird though. I actually like broccoli.

Speaking of jump roping, we don't have mirrors at the gym. I can't help but wonder when I jump rope if I look like Elaine (In Seinfield) doing her dance. I may think I look ok but actually might look like an idiot with my belly bouncing around all over the place. lol. But last Friday, I was at the other gym. They too don't have a mirror but the place is surrounded by glass walls. I saw enough to see myself jumping rope and my fears has been quenched. I don't look silly and my belly isn't bouncing around. I have enough definitions to keep my belly from flopping all over the place. Whew!!! Now you know the silly things that goes through peoples minds when they hit the gym :)