Experienced Life
2019-07-27 15:41:20 (UTC)

Sarah from the gym

So... forgot to post that I saw Sarah from the gym the other day. I finished my session and she was just starting hers. I said hi and she came over to chat. I sort of had a thing for her a bit. Last time, it seemed like I was chasing her. I guess I probably was :) When I realized it, I stopped and thought I'd recall my past, use what I learned and be the better person that I feel I am now. So, when I felt the situation take place, I did what I knew should be the best. I just left her alone and worked on myself. So when I saw her, I was in a different frame of mind. I was polite. Said hi, then left her alone.

Guess what happened next? She started chasing me and starting initiating conversation with me. haha. smh. The world can be a funny funny place. Anyway, that was it. I'm not chasing her anymore. She knows what gym I go to and how to find me. She usually goes to the one a few miles further West but she comes to mine from time-to-time. Anyway, if she wants to maybe start something with me, she knows where to find me.

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