Experienced Life
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2019-07-27 12:09:07 (UTC)


Having my morning snack and coffee in the family room. Watching a Netflix series. I think I'm keeping it. So many binge watching to be had. I'll have a lot of free time shortly. Anyway, while I'm here on the sofa, loony roomy has to pass to get to the backyard patio to smoke. It's like her 3rd time in less than an hr. Shessh!! Smokers are really messed up to have to smoke so often. Glad I don't.

I'm also laughing because she's out there dialing people and using her speakerphone. All of them have their phones set on auto-reject instantly going into their voice mail. This includes her health care provider. I know because I one time called her to tell her something right after loony-roomy called. I expected to be put on voice mail but it rang and she picked up. haha. If not for my upcoming surgery, I'd seriously think about asking loony-roomie to find another place already. She is a negative influence in my life and it's not worth the 700 a month. She's been to 8 places in two years so this tells me it's not all just me. I felt bad about it but not so much anymore. 8 places in two years means an ave of 3 months per landlord? I think it's been 4-6 months now? I should call Guiness maybe?

Ok, back to binge watching on Netflix :)