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2019-07-27 09:37:26 (UTC)

A full day free to do what I want

So I have nothing scheduled today. My core peeps still having some drama. One of them wanted to go wine tasting but cancelled. No matter. I still have a couple dozen bottles of wine so I'm good to go for now anyway. It's going to be a hot one here in CA. Weather forecast says it's going to be 105 degrees today. Oh boy!!! Whatever it is I go it better be near a body of water or something indoors.

The State Fair is on and the tribute band is Journey. Interested but it's going to be hot hot hot hot!! I can but doubt I'll go there. I could corral some friends and make it happen but 105 degrees will kill me. Woke up too late for any gym classes. Probably going to the movies in a nice air conditioned theater. Not the most original choice but oh well.

Not sure why but my mood has been pretty good lately. Work is going well. I'm in another project at least for a week or so until I head into surgery and I gave some pretty important suggestions and points to steer the group in the right way. a couple weeks isn't much but it helps. Gym has been great. I'm even starting to make friends at the other gym that I go to on Fridays when my main gym is closed. It's so cool when there is a 6'2" guy in there saying I inspired him so he had to try harder to keep up with me. Haha. This guy is at least a dozen years younger than I am and he looks up and says he's trying to keep up to me? Cool... I'll take it :) I guess my gym has been taking care of me these past almost two years :)

No drama from ex wife. I haven't cared or thought about my ex gf so life seems pretty good at the moment. I haven't woken up then have a flood of anxiety rush into my head as other days would. I'll take every peaceful minute and not take it for granted ;) Have a peaceful day diary peeps :)