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2019-07-26 14:11:38 (UTC)

Loony-roomy this morning

This morning, as I was getting ready to go to work, my loony-roomy asked if I was going to have a nice day. Had to smile thinking what? I smile and just say hi. I wanted to make a smart remark and say " No! I'm working on trying to have a crappy day" but I didn't. Keeping the peace and all. I think she was starting to try to piss me off. She found my drill in the bathroom. She brought it out and asked if I was still using it. Had it in there to fix the bathroom that she primarily uses. I put in on my shelf that I have designated in that bathroom. I replied, I'll take care of it later. She said "Ok, I'll jus put it here". So she goes ahead and placed it on the kitchen counter next to the stove. Riggggghhhht. That's a much more appropriate place to put it. haha. What a bitch!! Whatever. smh. She's got nothing in her heart but dark mean cruel thoughts.

Here is a pic of her smoking in the back patio. Her body represents her heart. Belly hanging out, raising her voice, giving me an angry face when she speaks. Almost made me spit out my coffee that morning.