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2019-07-25 05:53:49 (UTC)

More Dr. Appts.

Well, yesterday, I was at the Dr.'s office for 1/2 the day. Surgery prepping. One thing if you're reading this that you need to do is not not just accept what the medical staff says. Push the envelope. Read up on new things that they may or may not be able to do for you. For example, not once did they suggest or even offer disc replacement. They want to do the tried and true fusion instead for my neck. If not for me being my own advocate, I'd be having a surgery that would have left me pretty debilitated on my neck. I switched surgeons, I suggested different surgeries, and even as late as yesterday, the nurse that was sort of setting up my surgery yesterday said that disc replacement wasn't an option. She was wrong and I had to correct her.

One thing though. The doctor will try to do disc replacements during surgery. However, if he feels that the mounting of he discs will not be a good fit, he will proceed to just do the fusion. That's fair. He pointed out some arthritis stuff on my bones and that's what makes it difficult. I read that it may make it hard to find a good mount if you do have too much arthritis. Still, at least disc replacement is a possibility. The more mobility I don't lose, the better for me in the gym I think.

Also, what I thought was turing out to fizzle out on my bagels, and coffee dating site, I got a surprise text from someone. So, it looks like we are still a possibility. I'm not taking it too seriously. It's just a possible thing is all. This person's profile is nice. I like the fact she keeps herself in shape with tennis and the gym. I myself don't play tennis but a fit person makes it more fun to go out and do stuff instead of just sitting at home all the time. Regardless of what happens, I now at least know a lot more of what I'm looking for when I meet my future partner in crime :)

I think unfollowing my ex gf is also paying off. I'm a lot more relaxed or calm on fb and not shown any unexpected shit I don't need to see. I know some youtube vids indicate I shouldn't unfollow my ex but I think it's done wonders for me. I guess I watch a few more vids and feel like she's off the pedestal and maybe just maybe I see her as a regular person now. So more and more, I think I'm getting my mojo back. I know life has it's ups and downs emotionally so hopefully this becomes more of a permanent thing.

Well, I'm going to finish having my coffee in bed then it's off to the clinic for a quick stop for bloodwork and urine sample for more pre op stuff. Then to work. Schedule looks good. I'm pretty much all caught up with things and I shouldn't be leaving my fellow Engineers with any of my project to do or followup on.

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