Experienced Life
2019-07-23 20:33:55 (UTC)

Some things never change

So... my narcissistic ex wife shows her normal true colors. She texted that she is now teaching our 16 almost 17 yr old daughter to drive and that she drives pretty good. Well la fucking de da I say. She don't see how she's just being her classic narcissistic self. lol Anyway, I did respond and said that's nice. I think I made a mistake by responding at all. Dumb ass move on my part. Whatever, let the evil just wash away I say.

Also, I think because I backed one of my friends up for something they were doing, she got left behind. So I as a friend sided with her since she was sort of became the odd person out. Now... I got ghosted by my core friends and she went back with them and now I'm the odd man out. haha. Funny actually. Then I texted and called her and she now partially ghosted me. Ironic. Called her on it and she had nothing to say. Too old for silly games. Whatever. Got too much on my plate right now to deal with insignificant things like this.

Saving grace again is the gym today. It was Tabada Tuesday and it's my favorite thing. When I want to, I can kick ass in cardio. Got till it burns and keep going. Go till you're exhausted and keep on moving. We wear my-zones and it shows on the big screen at the gym. Sort of like a fitbit and I'm always at or near the top of the scoreboard. You win nothing but just bragging rights. Not bad for an old fart competing against the young guns :)

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