Do Not Disturb

2019-07-23 18:08:23 (UTC)

So Apparently...

My dog found himself a new friend ( who could possibly be a she) and is a pit bull. White and black. Couldn’t really tell if it had a collar on. Hope it goes back to its owner safe and sound of whoever it belongs to. I hate to see a dog lost out in the open somewhere. I don’t know why my dog does this kind of thing... Well he hasn’t been neutered yet so that kind of explains probably why he’s been escaping but at least I know he’s safe and he comes back. But I also hate that he does these kind of things gets me worried to death. But he’s okay now. He’s been doing this for years and I even let him out in the backyard but I guess that’s not enough for him. I may have to start walking him or taking him to the park to walk him around.

Mood: 😅

- A