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2019-07-23 18:28:29 (UTC)

Illness Almost Wiped Me Out!

I have been so ill since Wednesday. It's been awful. I'm usually frequently visited by headaches and stuff but never anything too major. This, however almost wiped me out. I had spent Wednesday morning in the gym with one of my friends and then we chilled out and played some video games for a bit. I headed home about 6pm and started unwinding, had some food and then cracked on with some daily stuff that I would usually do on WoW. 10pm rolls by and I feel myself becoming increasingly weak, I knew something was about to happen. I decided to shut everything down and get into bed and try and get an early night, see if I could shake whatever this was off. As time went on, it worsened. I started feeling extremely weak, I couldn't get out of bed, my legs and my back were in so much pain. I didn't sleep until 6am. I promised one of my friends that I would see him on Friday because it was his grandfather's funeral the day before, and I wanted to make sure he was doing okay. I told him it would depend on how I was feeling, because I was genuinely feeling as weak as a kitten. I could barely move.

Friday rolled around and I felt somewhat rejuvenated. I went downstairs and told my mother that I thought the worst of it was over, and that I was going to see two of my friends and would be back in the evening. I still felt rough, a lack of sleep and I was still quite achy, but I went to see my friends and we had a good time. Similar story, I got back around 6pm and instantly felt like I had to get into bed. It wasn't over, it was just beginning it seemed. I put on something to binge watch and tried my hardest to fall asleep. I eventually woke up at 4:30am, uncontrollably shaking, followed by throwing up for about 10 minutes. It was crazy, I genuinely didn't know what was happening to me. I managed to build up enough strength that I could have a bath, and that did help a lot. It just felt that one door closed and another opened. The aches stop and then suddenly you're constantly back and forth to the toilet. Everything was just so draining.

I have been sleeping terribly as it is, so when something like this comes along and really knocks you sideways, it's just grim. I couldn't even lie in bed comfortably because my legs and back were in so much pain. Maybe this is just me approaching 30 and I need to accept my fate, I kid. It was quite scary though, especially when the shaking came on. Thankfully it's Tuesday now and I definitely feel on the mend. I still have a bit of a headache and a shit load of sleep that I need to catch up on. I would sleep now but it's just far too warm, it's 30 degrees here today, which is pretty hot. I've already eaten, so I think I may just run a bath now and try to relax.


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