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2019-07-22 18:24:08 (UTC)

A good Monday

Oh man! So glad I went to the gym today. This morning, I checked my weight and I was at 157. Usually, Monday is usually my fat weight day because I partied too hard that weekend. But I stayed under 160 this time. If I do right, I may even break my 155 lb low.

Anyway, it was a so so day today. Went to work, cleaning up my project before my planned surgery. I changed my mind about my fusion. I contact my Surgeon and want to do a disc replacement instead. I know he must be rolling his eyes but it's my body so I can push for what I want. Fusion is not reversible but disc replacement if it don't work can be fused. So.... why not go with disc replacement instead?

Ex wife sent an email. Nothing bad this time. Still not taking the bait.

Gym today was fun. My 3 core peeps were there. We kicked butt. Even though I have short legs, I can shuffle pretty quick. I even kept up or went a bit faster than my 20 yr old female superstar friend :) My other friend has strength as his specialty. So lifting heavy shit is his super power. But speed and agility isn't so I flew by him. I better enjoy this while I can. Come Aug 6th, I'll be mucked up for awhile. Disc replacement takes longer to heal than fusion. Sister already committed to be with me for a week so I'm covered. I got friends at work and social friends all willing to help me with anything I need. I know I suck at Love life stuff but I'm so thankful I'm good with making great friends. Whew! One outta two aint bad :)

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