Experienced Life
2019-07-22 07:15:34 (UTC)

The ex wife tries to set a trap

Ex wife texted me a reply. All I did and wanted was to give a text out to my Son a happy birthday with one of the last pics we took together. Just he and I. I added a message saying the normal happy birthday and that I love and miss him. Hoping she'd forward the message to him which I highly doubt but that's all I had as far as possible communication so that was as good as it gets. I have no social media or phone contact with them. Ex has restricted them from doing so. Again, she says it's because she doesn't want them to miss me more. smh.

Anyway, she did text saying she had surgery. I assume on her back because that was her nagging pain for a few years now. She also told me she missed me. Uh, yeah right. Not falling for the narcissist trap. I just wanted to wish my Son a happy birthday and I'm guessing there is a 10% chance she'll show it to him. I still have presents for both kiddos from 2 or 3 years ago that she won't let me send. She won't give me an address to send it to and so I can't even send it anywhere.

The main thing I like and see is that I've grown enough inside to know this is a stupid trap. I just chuckle and not waste my time on petty drama like this anymore. I remember a time early on in this diary that she'd drive me nuts. I'd go full speed on that hamster wheel going around and around for nothing wasting what time I had in life. That is no longer me. I see differently now. I'm glad I can see better even though my current situation isn't ideal yet.

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