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2019-07-21 17:09:50 (UTC)

Kiddo's Birthday

Well, my Son is 14 years old today. Sent my ex wife a pic of He and I. One of the last times we were together. We went to San Fran and went on a boat cruise around Alcatraz. It got dark on the way back so the lights in San Francisco was beautiful. One of the last pics we had together. Guess what she responds with? " Nice picture of you two but where am I?" Fuck!! Really?! Just keep being narcissistic why not? You took off with the kids and don't let me communicate with them for what? Two years now? Fuck off bitch!!

Also, it was about a year now since I broke up with my ex gf. I know I shouldn't but did see her post about her going to Kauai today with her family. So yeah, I feel like shit right now. I didn't want to but I just unfollowed her on fb. Fuck it. If it means I'm weak, then so be it. I rather keep my peace in me.

Church was good today. But for some reason, the pastor spoke about the love of a Dad and his kids. How a love for a father would do anything for his kids. So yeah, stick another dagger in my heart why not? Didn't hit the gym today because my gym and the 2nd gym I go to is closed. So the relief I get from my gym didn't happen today. And it made me worry a little more because after surgery, I will be out of commission for awhile. So add more worry to my life. Well, at least I have an arsenal of wine to get me through and I know I'll have a giant stash of percocet after surgery too.

I'm down but not out just yet. This too shall pass.

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