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2019-07-21 14:38:54 (UTC)

dreams dreams dreams

July 21, 2019 Sunday 2:39 PM

I had a dream that Sophie was wearing these nice black shoes in our beautiful suburban home. And she fell and hit her head on a suitcase and started bleeding, so I panicked and called this guy I sort of knew in high school. Idk why, I was never good friends with him. I think he was just a physical substitute for another guy I sort of know here at Brown. Anyway, he gets Sophie to wake up and she is babbling nonsense, clearly concussed, and he tells her nothing happened and directs me to hide the evidence of her fall i.e. the suitcase. And later on I am walking by a creek and there is a small crowd and these tall thin trees and a path that is not established, and I am with a few others, my little brothers, following someone who is supposed to be my dad and then I lost him and then I had to contact the authorities. My "dad" had been infected in the way a vampire was infected, only I guess instead of a desire to suck blood it just turned you into an apathetic and endlessly horny monster? His blonde wife also became the same way and I waited in bed for her to fuck me and I really, really needed to be fucked. I was FaceTimed by Sophie and I picked up, and then suddenly she was there asking where the suitcase was, and I snuck out the front with it and started burying it in the yard, which is when I woke up, and Maria was asking me, why the hell I tried to hide it in the first place.