Experienced Life
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2019-07-20 14:34:08 (UTC)

New Chapter in Life

Well, I finally did it. After about a year since I last spent time with my ex gf, I started dating again. She was a nice lady.Chinese and had a nice body. Only about 5'1" or 5'2". She's a nurse. She's ok. First date went fine. We kept fun an enjoyable. No major questions. No high pressure or personal questions. Just some basic stuff and the rest was just fun conversation. I think it went ok.

If anything, it was a little big of confidence building. It shows that maybe someone or anyone can still be interested in me. At least to see for one date. I'm good with that. Any little thing that helps me build myself up is always a good thing. I like it. I may never see her again or I may. No matter. It was a nice day today.

Now I got another like so that makes three people. Three possible new friendships. Maybe one of them might even be something a little more. Don't mean to jump the gun or anything but just keeping it as a possibility. All you can do in life is to try. Yet, I need to make sure that me being by myself is still ok. I should be happy for th now. The now is that I'm alone and for now, it's more than fine with me.

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