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2019-07-17 21:32:11 (UTC)

Can you have feelings for your ride?

Well, I sold my motorcycle today. It hurt to see it go. I had to sell it. Didn't ride since last August 2018. I'll need some cushion for my surgery in case I'm out for too long too. Still, sucked to see it go. I never dropped it. I loved it when I had it and I still loved it when I sold it. It actually hurt when I saw it being rode away for the last time out of my garage. Sigh.... depression. I do have a nice check and I need it but it sure feels like blood money right now. Feels like I betrayed someone or sold my soul. Yes, I know it's stupid. I'm just stating what I feel. I guess I just need to keep looking at that fat check. Here is a link of my bike :(

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