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2019-07-17 18:38:12 (UTC)


Its been a while since I wrote here, I was on an adventure and some shitty experiment. Remember the guy I told you about that was a master manipulator? Well we had one crazy relationship, it was full of love, adventure, sex and fine dining lol! All this up until on Monday (15/07), things got a little heated and we had a massive argument. Apparently he doesn’t like my friends or the people I associate with. Imagine me leaving behind people I have known for over 5yrs and beyond just to be with you a person I have known nearly for months. Crazy as it may sound I just did that to make him happy. Back to the heated situation; it all begun with a call from a close friend who is also a guy, we talked for nearly an hour as we were trying to catch up on the lost time that we didn’t see each other. we all share our mishaps and call it a night. Then….. the petty over drive from my partner began