Do Not Disturb

2019-07-16 20:20:48 (UTC)

Our Lost Dog Was Found

Dogs ran out again yesterday came back home the other dog didn’t and he’s still only a puppy... 8 months old... didn’t come back until the next morning where a lady found him on the busy highway laying in the grass.

He lost his collar but a bit injured on his left front paw hoping and praying he didn’t get hit and he didn’t. Nothing serious. Just a cutt but he’s limping still but is slowly getting better. Took him outside and watched him so he could use the bathroom and brought him back in. He had destroyed my room had to wash my covers and everything. Had to switch my blinds out from the side to the front where my bed is. Put a thin cover sheet on the other since I don’t use it.

Some people kept claiming it’s theirs because he has no collar on but he know who he belongs too.

All in all I’m just glad he’s okay and didn’t get hit by those cars while crossing the street.

Mood: Was feeling worried 😟

- A

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