Do Not Disturb

2019-07-15 21:12:30 (UTC)

I got paid

And went to easy money as soon as possible then after that, we had brunch at Waffle House well I had brunch my mom had lunch before I went to work. I had the special with eggs,grits, 3 pieces of bacon, and waffles also toast even though I should’ve just stuck with what my mother had ( which was hash browns and some type of chicken sandwich). Either way I felt full as fuck and still do feel full as fuck.

Then, when we had left my mom did the most hilarious thing ever. She thought the glass was a door because it had a handle where you can push it but you couldn’t really push it. It’s funnier in person.

Worked with Ms. Terrie tonight. She tried making me work till close when I keep telling her I get off at eleven and that she can’t make someone work till close but eventually I did but only because she always wait till the last minute to count my draw they had me on front counter today.

I did well and my draw wasn’t short. Didn’t get any orders wrong except one but only because they asked for the $4 meal instead of saying 4 for 4 and I rung them up for a Biggie bag that everyone keeps getting.

I felt slow.

Their were a couple of dudes well more like 5... one of them seemed like they were drunk as fuck. He was also saying how innocent I look but it probably was the weed talking because one of I’m guessing his guy friends said he saw 3 of me or is seeing three of me so it was definitely the weed talking.

Ms. Terrie would always try and get me to stay till close and I’m about sick and tired of it. I know I’ll get more money on my check but if, I get off at eleven I get off at eleven even if I didn’t agree to staying till.

I should’ve just had some cash on me instead of putting it on my card. I never really have a lot of money left because I’m always helping my mom even though most times I don’t want to.

Took a 30 minute lunch break at work didn’t eat anything because I was still full from earlier so I bought a chocolate frosty instead to kill time and also watched a little bit of Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars on Netflix... Love that movie.

Hope to have more on my next check.

Next pay check is on the 29th before I go on this trip that I have no clue of where we’re going with my dad and his girlfriend and my brothers and little sister because it’s a surprise.


Sometimes I hate surprises.

- A