Her Secrets
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2019-07-16 02:04:49 (UTC)

What a day.

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. Weird how I ended on here and now I’m writing my first entry. I actually signed up for this site on 2018.
Today started out so well and then went to complete shit. Woke up in such a great mood since the baby let me sleep in a bit. Got some cleaning and a little organizing done. I am a stay at home mom, actually new to the gig. Starting cosmo school soon so I won’t be staying home much longer. Finally I can get my mind back. Shout out to all the stay at home moms, y’all don’t get enough credit. Honestly, I didn’t give y’all enough credit before, now I’m embarrassed for that. This shit is hard work and men will never understand.
Anyways, I set up my insta account up again, after deactivating it for personal reasons. I took down all my old photos and decided to put good quality photos. Any who, of course some shit pops off. My husband decides he wants to get jealous over nothing. Some guys posted comments that I follow back. While on the way to the gym, again I’m in a good ass mood, my husband makes a slick comment about how guys posted and deleted their comments. Then he starts to complain that I follow these guys. And then begins to say that I have hooked up with them and blazy blah blah. Now, first of all, one I know from a mutual friend and the other is just some guy I follow who is into fitness and is ripped. Clearly, he is just jealous! Started this whole ass argument for no reason. Of course, I start to get heated and tell him to turn around and take us back home. We get home, immediately start to pack my shit up. I’m supposed to be heading to visit his mom this weekend, and I’ve decided to leave sooner. Can’t stand arguing over dumb shit.
Here’s a back story, I’ve called him out over follow random IG girls and he played dumb. As soon as I asked him who a chick was he said he doesn’t follow her. Then, I look again and it says he doesn’t follow her. This loser decided to make me look like he never followed her and I was seeing shit. He denied everything. I believe my husband is a pathological lier. Now I’ve lied before and I will discuss more further in the future. But he constantly lies over eveeerryyything. It’s annoying as hell. Now is it really double standards if I’ve called him out and he lied about it. I straight up and said that one is a mutual friend from someone else and the other I just follow because he’s into fitness, he fuckin hot okay! But yeah, this shit is frustrating because after my pregnancy I have been feeling so insecure over my body. And as soon as I start posting pictures, he gets jealous over dumb shit, a damn comment.
Now, after I finish some packing, I’m going through my emails, cleaning out my inbox. It used to have like 5k emails, I’m down to 500 ish. But I ran into an old email from this diary site. Wow, I feel like it was meant for me to write out my feelings at this exact moment. Gosh I have so much to tell you guys. To be continued...