Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-07-15 01:23:00 (UTC)

Dungeons, Dragons, Dramas & Drunks

I thought a bit of what the title of this diary entry should be and I think i gave it the best and being the most accurate,,,

I would like to say nobody was drunk during Dungeons & Dragons, so don’t get your hopes up... i might make another entry that’s more in depth of our D&D session because it was fucking funny. Now that got out of the way...

I Finally Played Dungeons & Dragons!! The was my first time other then pathfinder, and i love the game. My dad and I are both Dwarfs, and we have a pretty balanced team here. We’re playing with the Dm and her girl friend, dad, a guy named Chuck and me but we’re at Jay’s and Megan’s house (they were playing too)... these two are going to be the subject today. I would also like to say we’re spending the night and this is our second night here.

This drama part I’m sure it was all due to alcohol. But Jay and Meg got into a fight, it was more of a verbal disagreement. This couple has been married for 13 years and never had this happen. I know in full well that no marriage is perfect and sometimes you get grumpy with people. But Jay had allot to drink and called his wife a bitch in front of all of us. And these are introverts that hate drama so this was shocking to everybody. We were playing a game and we all joke and play around but the way he said it sounded “honest” so understandably Meg stopped that game to ask if get really meant that. He looked at her in the eyes and said “well I already know you are going to be a bitch to me your always like this” so Megan took a step out side. My dad then convinced him to go out there and say sorry. They started to blame stress from this week and the alcohol, jay went to bed and dad chuck and I talked with Megan to make sure she’s okay. Jay turned into a slight mess of tears. Pretty ironic actually sense he’s the one calling her a bitch. So we’re all hoping tomorrow he will remember all of this and say what he truly thinks. Me being 16 and they only child, this all scared me... and i kept quiet because I really didn’t think i had a say in it.