Do Not Disturb

2019-07-14 23:04:56 (UTC)

Not Happening

They tried to get me to stay over time because they were short staff but I declined on that offer even though I would get more on my check my ride was already here and by that I mean my Grandma and I wasn’t about to have her wait for 4 hours straight so I said no and besides I work tomorrow night anyways and then I’m off. I also get paid tomorrow. Thank goodness. I wonder what manager work with us tomorrow. Probably Ms. Dot or something like that. At least she lets me get off on time. Haven’t seen her in a while. I’m just glad to be home.

Tried texting Dan to see what he’s doing on Snapchat but it says that our messages were pending until he accepted my friend request or something like that. But I mean it’s just now telling me that and that means I won’t be texting him for a while not until he accepts my friend request. Stupid Snapchat.

Also texted Dishan. I know he’s at least seen my messages but no response. It’s whatever though tired of being hurt and stood up by guys who don’t give a fuck. We had sex it felt great but he’s not looking for a relationship. He said something about promising but I don’t and wouldn’t wanna believe him. I know it may seem like I’m gong to fast but I’m really not just trying to get over my ex as soon as possible and the best way I do it is texting other guys. My broken heart seems to be healing and fast as long as he doesn’t text me or I text him. He already blocked me on Facebook. It’ll hurt him worse than it ever did with me.

I’m just not gonna care anymore. I can like as many guys as I want but I’m gonna be going through the same shit every time and I will eventually will be hurting myself.

I took a nap today when I got home. A great one at that. Woke up around eight. Gonna lay back down now if, I stop eating those delicious cutt up watermelon that we have in the refrigerator ( which I didn’t know their was such thing as yellow watermelon but apparently it is).

I feel stupid. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Anyways.... Goodnight.

Mood: 😴

- A

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