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2019-07-12 16:45:52 (UTC)


"Limbs" by Old Fox [band from Boston—not very big but pretty good! I am a fan of this song]

Watched you count the rings on the limbs that you severed
Tightening up your grip you cut the line
Bottle up your pain, we’ll set it down to boil
Goddamn this wretched phase, hid deep beneath the soil
I remember dirty blood
Beneath the limbs you left there in the flood
I remember dirty blood

July 12, 2019 Friday 5:04 PM

Hello! Things have been okay! My headaches have decreased in frequency/intensity (although I did have one last night) and I am generally in a better mood. When I went to Lancelot's on Tuesday I was furious, but aren't I always?

I'm too nervous to write in depth today, I think. I would like too, but I'm leaving for a date in like..... 25 minutes, so. I will be going on a date with a guy named Tyler. He's kinda cute, pretty funny, and he's baking me cookies. On the way home today I was thinking about how I'm going to his house and it would really suck if he roofied the food and then murdered me; but I guess I'll just share my location. If I die, people, it was probably him.

My crush on Melvin hasn't totally gone away, but it's fading, lmao. Which is good. Turns out he and his friend are assholes. Really cute really funny really smart really talented assholes—but assholes nonetheless. I dunno, when you stoop to the level of making fun of a fat guy for being fat... ugh. That's not peak humor and it makes me uncomfortable. Honestly, they remind me a lot of Sandwich, which brings up a lot of moral questions in my heart, but I decided to think about that over the weekend instead of right before I'm going to go on a date, haha.

OK I should probably go get ready.

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