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2019-07-12 07:48:53 (UTC)

Alone in the house

So it was the first night in a long time that I had the house to myself. Loony-roomie is gone for a few days and I am loving it. Now I'm questioning whether or not I want her living here anymore. 700 bucks is 700 bucks but it feels oh so good to be home drama free and not have to clean up for anyone.

It's so nice to wake up feeling good and refreshed. Ready to take on the day. I have training all day today at work for an app called Splunk. Gym is closed today for an big pow-wow for the employees so that sucks. We do have a small workout facility at work so I'll go there instead. Maybe go on the bike and of course, jump roping to my heart's delight.

Not sure what's in plan after work. My core friends hasn't been around lately. They've been acting weird so whatever. Two are unemployed and one is retired. I'm still going zoom zoom zoom in life so I can't slow down like them yet. I'd like to say I have a date tonight but I don't. Well, I know for sure I can binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix. I just got it two days ago because everyone at work talks about this series. So I had to succumb to peer pressure and since Game Of Thrones is over, I need something new to watch.

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