Do Not Disturb

2019-07-11 01:44:06 (UTC)

I’ve been stood up once again

So, I saw Michael and he came over. We talked. But then again, he left saying something about getting us some ice cream from Brusters and he still haven’t came back yet. No text. Nothing.

I tried texting him but it wouldn’t let me.

I have a sneaky suspicion that he blocked himself on my phone because he asked to see it for some unknown reason to look up something on my phone but then again...

Why couldn’t he just look it up on his phone ???

I guess he was just trying to be nosy at the time.

Anyways, I tried texting him on Facebook messenger but it wouldn’t let me. It says that I blocked him but I never did because it still said that we were friends and I went to look on his profile page he had unfriended me.

But then again, he did tell me someone was calling me from messenger... A guy... And he was on the phone with some girl he was talking to and was saying how this other girl wanted to see him. He said it was a family member at first then he said it wasn’t technically one. And I asked him if he was coming back and he shook his head yea but never did. It’s been three hours now. That means I’ve been stood up once again and I was stupid enough to fall for his little games.

What’s wrong with me ?

Why do guys keep doing this to me ?

Using me and I’m so stupid for letting them.

Well, that won’t be no more. We had just met and now all of a sudden he stopped texting me out of the blue.

Maybe it had something to do with this other girl that wanted to see him when he was on the phone with his “ aunt” and the fact that he did all that in front of me hurted the most. It’s like he never cared and he didn’t and that was what hurted the most and he’s still not back so I know for a fact that he used me but it doesn’t even matter anyways because we’re, not together.

Mood: 😔😢

- A