Nala Toph

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2019-07-10 02:20:16 (UTC)

I can’t dominate

How often do you role play? How do you role play?
Im specifically talking about erotic role play, being kinky and lewd via online chat rooms or DMs... well I do it A LOT... Like way too much and I dominate people so much, so many people are submissive but I'm a switch.... and I'm getting tired.... i want to be punished and call someone master, i want my master to control me. It’s weird how you can get so warn out just by typing words. I have so many males call me mistress/mommy depending on their kinks, but i never have a man that wants to dominate me. I’m open for females too but hardly does a female want to get lewd all the time, I’m one of the few who are horny because i have nothing better to do.... i just want a man to give me what i have given them... why must so many men submit so spontaneously, i get females are hot and you just can’t help but to drool but can you at least drool and tie me up? And yes i have communicated my feelings to everyone but they just give no shit and want to be controlled.... even though this is all through screen it takes so much out of me to be so dominant, I still have to make a sentence.... sometimes i just copy and paste from past RPs just so i can continue on and read what they have to say... but then I'm given a lazy one liner that doesn’t interest me at all...

All I want is to be dominated by a master