Do Not Disturb

2019-07-08 18:24:45 (UTC)

One Night Stand

You remember that guy that I told you about in one of these entries where I had a one night stand with and I went to his house and blah blah blah well he texted me on MeetMe to see how I was doing and blah, blah, blah. I texted back and said good. He said something about wanting to see me. The one that speaks both Spanish and English. He’s Island boy well at least that’s what he calls himself. He was also asking what I was doing tomorrow I told him that I was off. I guess he wanted to take me somewhere. I mean I am single now.

We only had sex like once. It was good sex though. We both wanted it at the time. Maybe it’ll happen again. But I’m not the type of girl who just wants sex from a guy like guys just wants sex from a girl. Well, at least the guys that I use to date and/or talk too. He has pretty eyes.


I should call him that. Pretty eyes. Because he indeed has pretty eyes. Like it’s mixed with blue and green combined. Something like that.

You know the girl Bri right... Well... She was saying how I was talking about her on Snapchat and I’m wondering... How did she even get my snap??? But then again her “ best friend” the girl that got me the job told her and she told one of our manager Ms. Terrie that I was talking about them. So what, if I was they talk about me all the time and do you think I give a fuck.

But in all honesty I’m just sick and tired of that job to much drama for me. I’m so glad I’m working morning shift all this weekend so I won’t have to deal with people like her. I don’t know what she got against me. I didn’t do a damn thing. And K was never my friend to begin with. I believe that every conversation we have she text her friend about it. I stopped texting her. I know she was the one who told her what I said on my Snapchat. I don’t even care it’s my Snapchat anyways. And this is the main reason why I stay to myself to get away from petty girls like them.

I hate that I let people get to me. I hate that I’m emotional and I show it enough. I try not to but it’s hard. Now you see the reason why I love writing so much.

I can’t tell anyone anything because I feel like they won’t care and I was right... They don’t care.

- A

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